Helpearn Finance

Online Accounting Software and Decentralized P2P Marketplace
to help MSMEs Financing.


How Helpearn Works

MSMEs Propose Financing

MSME Owners that needs funding can submit an Application and will go through our credit scoring qualifications. MSMEs could also use our accounting software for Accounting needs.

You Research Promising MSMEs to Invest

MSMEs that needs funding will be promoted on the App along with their amount, purpose, time duration, and rewards.

Transfer to MSMEs with Agreement on Top of Smart Contract

Transfer money to your choosen MSMEs thorugh our App, we handle everything for you to automatically give you incentives based on the proprotion in the crowd fund.

Collect Profit based on Fixed Interest Rate on Investment

Within Specific period you will be rewarded an allowance based on the interest rate that you invest to the MSMEs.

Helping MSMEs Means Helping Indonesia's Economy

MSME Inaccessbility to Finance

47.9% Issue that confronts MSMEs is access to finance.

Leverage Internet Economy

Connecting MSMEs to network of Investors via Internet.

SMEs Contribution

SMEs contribute to 60% of Indonesia's Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

Value Investing

Find value wherever they are, whenever they are.

MSME in Remote Areas

Many MSMEs operate in remote area, difficult to connect to banks to acquire financing

Get the Incentives You Deserve

Financing MSMEs in need will leaves a ripple effect that sustain Indonesia's Economy

Some frequently asked questions.

We offer two services for MSMEs: An accounting software for MSMEs that does not have resources for book keeping for their business, and a platform for MSMEs to lend money from crowd investing.

Whenever MSMEs request for an investment, there'll be a fixed rate of interest in the specified amount of time of lending. Those interest will be the profit for the Investors. For example, if the interest is 1.4% per month and the lending period is 12 months, you will get a return of 15% in 12 months.

Depends on the rank of the value you invested in, the exclusive category will have the privellege to have meetings with MSMEs to monitor perfromance and give evaluations to their invested MSMEs.

Almost all information is stored within the blockchain, i.e transaction that is made, from whom to whom, the amount, time and date, the interest rate that needs to be return, the percentage allocation of return in the crowd investing, etc. We understand the importance of security for our MSMEs and clients and we believe blockchain and smart contract technology to deliver exactly that.

Before MSME could propose for an investment plan in Helpearn, we evaluate them based on past performance by checking their balance sheet and cashflow statement, if the MSMEs doesn't have one, we will encourage them to use our account software. The parameters will determine their credit score and worthiness of investment round. There's also quarterly report from the MSMEs to report how the investment is used.

In Helpearn App, you can also add your friends and see which MSMEs that they are interacting with (wishlist, investing, invested). By doing so we hope the network effect could influence one another to help more MSMEs.

You only need email and KYC verification to get started.